Community Engagement Coordinator


I am delighted to be working with the farmers market board, farmers market vendors and all of you as Franklin County Farmers Market's first community engagement coordinator. It's not a stretch to say my life revolves around food and farming, and to have been asked to take on the work of building a stronger food system in this area means a lot to me.

I've spent the past 10 years writing about and editing magazines about food and agriculture, working on farms and learning about food systems around the world, growing herbs, and cooking/baking/fermenting (and eating!) everything in sight. I've lived in six states and traveled through 14 countries, but I always find myself back in Kentucky. I think it's the combination of the people, the community, the nature and land, and the food that keeps me in this beautiful state—to paraphrase one farmer friend: We grow the best food in the world right here. And now I get to help bring this healthy food to more people, expanding opportunities for our farmers as well as for the community that they are serving.

What we're about to take on with the Local Food For All project is huge, and I hope you all are as excited about it as I am, because this is far from a solo venture! Please find me at the farmers markets to say hello, share your ideas about activities you'd like to see at your farmers market, and lend a hand in the new programs we're about to start. I want to hear about your food experiences, and I'd love to tell you about making bread in Greece, milking goats in France and chasing chickens in Kentucky—though you probably have your own stories for that last one.

Markets continue through the winter months, so I look forward to seeing many of you soon!


Double Dollars Coordinator/Welcome Table Manager

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Market Manager

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Farmers Market Board of Directors

Trina Peiffer (Blackberry Heaven), President

Lee Ann Jones (Happy Jack’s Pumpkins & Produce), Vice-President

Connie Lemley (Cedar Ring Greens), Treasurer

Kevin Archer (Zelda & Bramble Superlatives Seasonings), Secretary

Brent Rhody (Morgan Rae Farms)

Susan Hutcherson (Hutcherson Family Farm Produce)