Customer Agreement

Farm to Frankfort registration instructions are at the bottom of this agreement. Please read this agreement in full before registering.


By submitting your customer membership fee, you acknowledge:

Farm to Frankfort is open only to employees currently working at Commonwealth Credit Union, Frankfort Regional Medical Center, United Bank and the State Capitol/Capitol Annex.

Farm to Frankfort is limited to 20 to 30 customers per workplace hub in this pilot year. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The registration fee for the remainder of the 2018 season is $15.

The order period opens at 12 pm every Friday and closes at 12 pm every Tuesday. You may place or change your order at any time while the order period is open. Orders may not be placed or changed before or after that time.

You must enter a credit card to be charged at the close of the order period or must carry a sufficient balance (prepaid with a check) to place your order.

You are not required to place an order each week, but this program will only work for our vendors if most Farm to Frankfort customers place weekly orders. Please contact Farm to Frankfort if you find you are unable to order on a regular basis.

Communicate with your workplace hub’s employee coordinator if any issues arise related to your ability to pick up your order. Communicate directly with Farm to Frankfort if you have any issues after you’ve received your order.

Farm to Frankfort handles all products with care and uses produce-industry packaging and handling standards. After orders are dropped off at the workplace hubs, it is your responsibility to receive and handle your products.

Your membership fee includes the cost of your delivery boxes. You must return your box to your workplace hub’s delivery area so that we may pick it up the following week. If you do not return your box, you may be charged an additional fee for additional boxes.

The farmers market supports you in the setup and maintenance of your online customer profile but is not able to create an online profile or a regular weekly order for you.

Farm to Frankfort is a project of the Franklin County Farmers Market, and through this, the market has access to your online account and profile. Neither Farm to Frankfort nor the Franklin County Farmers Market have access to the financial information saved in your customer profile.

You will not hold the Franklin County Farmers Market, Local Food Marketplace, Franklin County Cooperative Extension Office, City of Frankfort, Park Board, Commonwealth of Kentucky, other Farm to Frankfort participants, or any employees or volunteers of said services listed in this agreement jointly liable for any complaints or civil or criminal actions that might arise as the result of Farm to Frankfort program participation.

Farmers Market Responsibilities

Farm to Frankfort will deliver your order to your workplace hub on Thursdays between mid-morning and early afternoon.

Farm to Frankfort will email weekly reminders, including an enewsletter when order periods open and an email reminder before order periods close.

Farm to Frankfort vendors maintain their own online profiles and inventories. Any inconsistencies in product pricing or quality should be brought to the attention of Farm to Frankfort. Vendors do their best to represent their products accurately with the product images on the website. Some images are stock photos, while others are provided by the vendor, and not all images may look exactly like the products.

Farm to Frankfort vendors set product pricing in line with Franklin County Farmers Market prices and offer the high quality of products that you can expect to find at the farmers market.

Farm to Frankfort vendors comply with all local, state and federal laws, labels, and food-safety and -handling regulations and guidelines for all products in the current KY Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Manual.

Agreement Acknowledgement

If registering by mail with a check, print and sign this agreement. Return it to Franklin County Farmers Market, Farm to Frankfort, 101 Lakeview Ct, Frankfort, KY 40601.

If registering online, you automatically acknowledge the customer agreement by paying for your registration below: