Several of us are planning to be at market from 10am-noon this Saturday, January 7.  You can see the list of great offerings at the bottom.  If you would like to get greens from me, please place an order by 8pm on Thursday evening.  The weather forecast for Friday has continued to get colder since we made the decision to go to market this Saturday, and there is a chance that the greens in the tunnel won't thaw enough for me to harvest them on Friday- if that happens I'll let you know on Friday evening that I won't have your greens.  However, I'm hoping that it will work out- the tunnel is pretty amazing.

Goldfinch Farm
Sandy and Ralph Wilson
Pastured Pork: sausage, bacon ends, spare ribs, ham steaks,
polish links, pork roasts,
neckbones (for soup), & more
Baked Goods

Blackberry Heaven
Trina and Tim Peiffer
Carrots | Garlic
Wooden Benches and Stools

Mefford Family Farm
Diana Hogan and Mrs. Mefford
Baked Goods- please place an order by Thursday (

Quarles Farm
Janet and Paul Quarles
Beef | Lamb | Goat
Butternut and Spaghetti squash
Turnips | Rutabagas
Breads | Jams | Relishes
Salsas | Dog bones

Cedar Ring Greens
Connie Lemley and Andy McDonald
Lettuce Mix- $3
Salad Mix- $3
Spicy Mix- $3
Teen Kale- $3
Radishes- $2.50/bunch
Butternut Squash- $1.50/lb
Sweet Potatoes- $2/lb
(no need to order orange things unless you want a lot; otherwise email